Troubleshooting Tip: So Your ASKO Dryer Isn’t Drying As Efficiently…

Asko dryer and washer

Is there any feeling better than clothes soft and hot from the dryer? Or any worse feeling than pulling out still-wet clothes at the end of a cycle?

Don’t despair. There are a number of troubleshooting checks you can run through before calling up the ASKO premier partners at Box Appliance to pay your dryer a house call. Even if your ASKO dryer is running well, these tips could improve its efficiency and your quality of life.

The first thing to do is to check your cabinet. Do you own dryer sheets? Do you use them? If the answer is yes, stop.

Dryer sheets are thin pieces of polyester covered in fabric softener and fragrance chemicals. As you dry your clothes, those chemicals come off the sheet to coat your clothes, the inside of your dryer, and your filter. This leads to a waxy build-up on your filter, where the fan that circulates air is located. This build-up results in poor airflow no matter whether you clean out the lint build-up compartment.

The simple fix is to stop using dryer sheets. Apart from reducing the efficiency of your ASKO dryer, the chemicals themselves may have harmful effects after long exposure, and are spent after a single use, resulting in excess waste.

(If you can’t live without the fabric softening, consider Wool Dryer Balls, which can improve the performance of your dryer.)

It’s not enough to stop using dryer sheets though. That waxy build-up might still exist on your lint filter. The easiest way to check your lint filter for wax buildup is to remove the filter.  Clean off any lint on the screen.  Take it to the sink and put a few drops of water on the screen surface.  If it beads up, you need to wash the filter. In that case clean the filter with hot water, soap and light scrub brush.  Then reinstall the filter. If the water drops pass easily through the screen mesh, the filter is clean.  Whether or not you use dryer sheets, it might still be a good idea to wash the filter every 3 months.

Also check to make sure that there is proper ventilation for the dryer, especially if it is installed in a closet or closed room.

There may be other causes for poor airflow, so in order to keep your ASKO running as efficiently as possible:

If you are unsure about the latter items, or worried about disassembling your dryer and exhaust line to clean, Box Appliance’s Factory-Certified techs are as skilled with ASKO maintenance as they are with repair. If it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned your washer and dryer, consider scheduling a maintenance call with Box Appliance today.