Time-saving tips for cooking your holiday feast

wolf warming drawer

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is officially in full swing. However you celebrate this festive time of year, you’re sure to appreciate the many time-saving features your Wolf appliances boast to make your holiday entertaining a breeze. Well, the cooking part, anyway.

If warming drawers are part of your Wolf suite of appliances, you’ll love the versatility this exceptional product has to offer. With its programmable electronic controls, the Wolf warming drawer lets you select precise temperatures and conditions for the type of food you’re reheating or holding.

Making yeast sweet breads or dinner rolls for that big party or family dinner? The warming oven’s Proof setting takes the guesswork out of bringing delicate doughs to peak readiness. Just select a convenient preset temperature, pop in your bowl of dough, and go on about your business. The warmer will let you know when the dough is ready for kneading.

With its removable racks and stainless steel drawer pan, the warming drawer can accommodate various types of containers and types of foods. You can also warm serving bowls and dishes, but if heating them above Wolf’s recommended safe temperature be sure to check with the china or pottery manufacturer to avoid cracking.

If unexpected guests drop in and your cupboard hasn’t been fully stocked for the season, you can restore crispness and freshness to crackers, chips, or baked goods with a few minutes in the warming oven. Reheat crisp foods uncovered to restore texture and cover moist foods to avoid drying while warming. Your drop-ins will think you’ve been waiting just for them!

We don’t have to tell you the benefits of having a Wolf double oven, but with 10 cooking modes, including baking, convection roasting, and convection broiling, along with fully adjustable six-level oven racks, your Wolf ovens can simultaneously prepare pretty much an entire party’s worth, from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. No warming oven? No problem — your Wolf oven can also proof your bread dough.

If you haven’t tried Wolf’s Gourmet countertop appliances, a Wolf toaster would make a perfect gift. With its extra-wide slots and self-centering bread guides, the Wolf toaster can accommodate the thinnest slice of delicate brioche to hearty cuts of crusty pain rustique (dough proofed in your Wolf warming oven!) browned to perfection all over.

That toast would go well with a cup of fresh, professional-quality brewed coffee, espresso, or cappuccino from the Wolf coffee system. What a wonderful breakfast combo during the holidays or any time of year.

When you need a little inspiration to make your holiday menus unique, look no further than the Sub-Zero Wolf recipe book. There you’ll find recipes for appetizers, main and side dishes, desserts, and more that you can enjoy now and year-round.