Behind the Scenes of Service – What can you do in an hour?

If you’ve called Box Appliance for a service appointment on your Wolf, Sub-Zero, or Cove appliances, you know we ask a number of questions before we schedule your appointment. For instance, we want to know:

  • Your contact information (name, phone number, address, email)
  • Model and serial number of appliance needing maintenance or repair
  • Symptoms of appliance for diagnostic
  • Days you are available to schedule your service appointment

Questions, questions, questions…

We know your time is at a premium, and answering a series of questions may seem to take up precious minutes of your jam-packed day when all you want to do is set a time for the service tech to appear at your door.

Those questions aren’t for our benefit — they’re for yours! The more information we have before we send a technician to your home, the more efficiently, correctly and completely he can perform the service on your appliance.

If you’re a first-time customer, we’ll need your complete contact information so we can set up an account for you. Once we have that information, we’ll be able to pull it up instantly next time you call. We’ll also be able to stay in touch with you with details about your service call and time (more about that in a moment).

Why do we need model and serial number?

We ask for the model serial number of your appliance because that tells us what service manuals and parts we may need for the visit. That way, the technician will have what he needs on the truck and won’t have to spend extra time (and yours) returning to the service center for materials. If you don’t have the sales receipt for your appliance purchase handy, here are illustrated guides to help you locate model and serial number on the appliances:

“It doesn’t work” is our first clue

Another important question we ask is, what is the problem with your appliance? We don’t expect you to reply with detailed technical information, but if you can tell us, for example, that the icemaker doesn’t work or a gas jet doesn’t fire evenly, we can ask you additional questions to help pinpoint the problem — again these answers will aide the tech while he’s in your home and probably allow him to get the job done in a single visit.

So if the customer service representative asks for more information, there’s a good reason! Your telling us that a fan makes a raspy noise or the oven has a hot spot will help us form an accurate diagnosis of the problem, saving time and inconvenience for you. And if the problem is an emergency, such as the whole refrigerator or range shutting down, we will of course make your service a priority.

If something changes, let us know!

Make sure to call back if there are any changes to the necessity of your repair! We will always try to fit you in if your situation becomes an emergency but again, please be accurate with your information so we can prep our technicians with the proper parts and tools to get the job done right the first time.

Three hours? Can’t you come at 1 pm? I don’t have time to wait around!

You’ve probably heard your friends complain — and may have your own stories — about home service companies that force you to wait at home for hours and hours until a service person finally shows up. Whether it’s the cable company, the phone company, a plumber, or an appliance service company, you can end up waiting … waiting … waiting for the service person to arrive.

We respect your time priorities. The day before your appointment, we’ll give you a three-hour time frame (not a vague and frustrating “between 8 and 5 on Tuesday”) when your tech will arrive. Three hours gives us a little flexibility between calls to accommodate jobs that may take longer than expected or fit in an emergency if necessary — and give you a more realistic arrival window.

To schedule as efficiently as possible, we dispatch our service trucks in as circular a route as possible to save time between calls. That shortens the time between calls and enables us to promise you a shorter wait window than many other service companies. And because we realize your time is fully booked, the technician will be happy to call you at work or on your cell phone 30 minutes before he will arrive to take as little time as possible away from your pressing commitments.

Last but not least

At Box Appliance we value every customer as if they were our only customer. We are in business for one reason: to service your Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency. It’s in our interests as well as yours to make your life easier by accommodating your needs, being there when we say we will, and doing the job right the first time. You deserve nothing less.