Keep your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in like-new condition with a little TLC

Sub-Zero refrigerators and Wolf cooking appliances are well known for their reliable, virtually trouble-free performance and long lives. But even these fine products will benefit from a little tender loving care now and then. Here are a few tips to keep your luxury appliances in tip-top shape for years to come.

  • For your Sub-Zero refrigeration products, the most important maintenance item is a regular condenser cleaning. This saves wear and tear on the mechanism and saves electricity. We recommend scheduling a condenser clean about once every six months. Making this a regular practice is the best thing you can do for your Sub-Zero!
  • If you don’t use ice from the ice maker regularly, it’s a good idea to empty the ice tray once every week or two to prevent the ice from clumping and tasting stale. If you use ice frequently, just clean the unit once a month or whenever it sits for a long period of time.
  • Change the air and water filter at least once a year. Don’t worry about trying to remember this because the digital readout on the unit will notify you when it is time to change them!
  • It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator periodically. Spills and debris  can cause odor and cause off flavors in some of your fresh and cooked foods.

Wolf cooking products need little regular maintenance for trouble-free service, but keeping them clean is always a good idea. Be sure to check gas burners to be sure holes are not clogged with debris that could cause uneven lighting. Use the self-cleaning feature when splashes and splatters occur in the oven, and keep the cooktop and burners clean using Wolf-recommended cleaning products for best results. A deep cleaning is a good idea every six month or so or before periods of heavy use.

Here’s a quick reference calendar to scheduling cleaning tasks:


Sub-Zero condenser clean: Schedule wit Box Appliance every 6 months

Remove all ice from bin: Once every 1 – 2 weeks (if not used regularly).

Replace air filter: Once a year

Replace water filter: Once a year

Wipe down refrigerator shelves: Every 3 months

Determine if Wolf range needs a deep cleaning: Every 3 months (depending on use but clean regularly after use)

Determine if Wolf cooktop needs a deep cleaning: Every 3 months (depending on use but clean regularly after use)

Download the Sub-Zero / Wolf Appliance Maintenance Calendar Here.