Sub-Zero Door Gasket Replacement

Sub-Zero Factory Certified PartsWhat to do when your refrigerator door isn’t vacuum sealing

You can thank your Sub-Zero door gasket for much of your refrigerator’s vaunted food preservation. The airtight seal locks out heat, moisture, bacteria, and gases. Sub-Zero’s magnetic gaskets are so secure that food can stay fresh even after a power outage that lasts multiple days.

Though rare, Sub-Zero door gaskets can wear down over time, necessitating a replacement to restore the airtight seal.

What to look (or feel) for in your Sub-Zero refrigerator

If you notice any of the below, you may need to have the gasket replaced.

  • Door doesn’t close all the way
  • Door seems easier to open or opens on its own
  • Rubber gasket has visible signs of rippling, splitting, tearing or warping

Your options for door gasket replacement

Order a Certified Gasket Replacement and Install It Yourself:

  • If you’ve never installed a refrigerator door gasket before, you should know that installing one is no simple task – it takes skill and a lot of patience.First things first, make sure you buy a certified part! If the door gasket isn’t a perfect fit for your refrigerator, not only will it be a bigger pain to install, it may not even fix your problem—a bad fit is a poor seal. Add on top that aftermarket and counterfeit parts have been tested and proven to have a shorter lifespan, and you may find yourself replacing the gasket again sooner than you’d like. As a Factory-Certified Parts Distributor, we can help you identify the parts number of your Sub-Zero door gasket, just call us at 888-SUB-WOLF.Next comes the install. Gaskets are shipped folded over in a flat box, meaning the mating surfaces are wrinkled when unboxed. We use a heat gun to warm the rubber gasket material to allow it to relax and assume its original shape and finish (or you could use a hairdryer). If this is not done properly, or at all, it can result in an uneven gasket leading to multiple air leaks. And if the gasket is overheated, it will very likely melt, which is even worse. [Note: Improper handling, such as carrying the gasket by anything other than the corners, can also distort the seal.After the new gasket is installed, the door hinges will most likely have to be adjusted to allow for the new softer gasket as well. Over time, due to the suction action of your Sub-Zero refrigerator, old gaskets become stiff and compressed, pulling the hinges out of their original alignment.

Call a Professional:

Making sure the next gasket lasts

A proper installation is key, but there’s more you can do. While heavy use is somewhat unavoidable—if you need to open the fridge, you need to open it—you can ensure your new gasket gets the life it deserves by keeping it clean. Spills and sticky residue can lead to premature wear, so wipe up spills when they happen, and once a year wipe the entire gasket down.