Stay Home on the Range This Father’s Day

Food prepared for Father's Day by a wolf range and oven

At last it’s Dad’s turn to kick back and be a little bit indulged. What better way to take care of him than with tempting breakfast, lunch, and dinner treats prepared at home on your own Wolf range? Wolf makes cooking a breeze, so pulling together three delicious meals will be a snap. Your Wolf range came with a wealth of mouthwatering recipes, but here are three we think Dad will especially savor:

Breakfast — What else to start the day but tender, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes? They’ll turn out perfectly every time on your Wolf range’s griddle. Top the stack with fresh sweet butter and real maple syrup or maybe some fresh fruit (and some crisp bacon on the side can’t hurt), and his special day will be off to a great start.

Lunch — No doubt Dad will want to spend some active time outdoors, so you want lunch to be light but satisfying. We think Moroccan style grilled chicken, accompanied by a fresh green salad, is the perfect solution. (You’ll want to start right after breakfast, so the chicken will have time to marinate.)

Dinner — Now Dad will want to wind down after an eventful Father’s day with a more substantial meal no man (or anyone, for that matter) can resist: tender, spicy barbecued ribs. Wolf’s convection oven makes everything better, and the low cooking temperature means the kitchen will stay cool even on this warm June day.

And for Father’s Day (and any day), you’ll want to make sure your Wolf range is always in tip-top condition. Be sure to carefully read your Use & Care Guide and note the recommended user upkeep steps you can do yourself, as well as schedules for professional maintenance to ensure a long life for your appliance.