What to Expect When Scheduling Appliance Service with Box Appliance

What information does Box Appliance need from me when I call? And do you really need the model and serial number?

  • Contact information (name, phone numbers, address, email)
  • Model and serial number of the appliance(s) that need service
  • Symptoms of the appliance(s) for diagnostic prep
  • Days available for service appointment

Our customer service representatives will first ask whether our team has serviced an appliance at your home before. If you are a new customer, we will document all contact information and appliance product information for future service needs. We create an account for each customer, with a record of all previous service calls, to give our technicians a history of maintenance and repairs.

Knowing the specific model and serial number helps us prepare, including stocking the service truck with additional parts to give us a better chance of repairing your appliance in one trip. We know you may not be in front of your appliance when phoning to schedule your service call, don’t worry! You can always schedule the appointment, then call back once you have the model and serial number on-hand.

Having trouble finding the serial number? Click Here for more information.


How does Box Appliance’s appointment scheduling work? When will I get a time window for my appointment?

You can request an appointment online, through email or over the phone. If you request a service appointment online or through email, one of our customer service representatives will phone you to complete the scheduling. We try to schedule all appointments on that first phone call, but we may have to consult with a service technician for a better estimate.

We plan out our technicians’ routes the day before to expedite all appointments, as our goal is to get to each of our customers’ homes quickly and efficiently. The day before your appointment, once the routes have been mapped, a customer service representative will contact you with your three-hour window. Unless something unexpected happens in an early appointment, our technicians are typically very punctual, arriving at the beginning of the window.

If you would prefer to have a guaranteed time when scheduling your appointment, you have the option to ask for a “First Call” appointment. This is the very first scheduled appointment of the day and is the only time we can confirm in advance. Please keep in mind these First Call appointments can schedule out a few weeks in advance and may not be available for urgent appliance issues.


Will the technician be prepared before arriving?

After your appointment is scheduled, a service technician and a parts department specialist will review all information collected during our initial phone conversation. Because our employees are experts with Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances, they can often determine what’s wrong before visiting your home.

Once they have assessed the issue, they will stock the service truck with an array of Factory Certified parts that will likely resolve the issue. If it is determined ahead of time that a part may be required that we do not have in stock, we will try to special order it in time for your appointment.

All of that said, until your technician is in your home and able to troubleshoot and diagnose the appliance in person, they cannot know for sure what the trouble is. For this reason, every service call begins with a diagnosis of the appliance and estimate for approval before any repairs are performed. It is also possible that the issue, once diagnosed in the home, could require additional or specialty parts not carried by the tech at that time. If your repair technician has to return to complete the repair outlined in the estimate, you won’t have to pay the service call fee again.

Read on for more about what to expect during your service appointment.


What should you expect during a service appointment?

Once you have booked your appointment, our office will send you a service confirmation email. And on the day of your appointment, you will receive a text message with a photo of your technician and the window for their arrival.  If for any reason the email or text bounces back to us, our office will phone you.

During the service call, each repair technician will wear boot covers, gloves, and use protective rugs to protect you and your home. An estimate will be provided for every repair and our technicians will not begin the repairs until they have your approval to start.

Our technicians work off laptops to aid in diagnostics, repair estimates, parts orders, and appointment management. Thus, you should expect to receive your final invoice via email the day after your completed service call. A hard copy can also be mailed to your home if you notify us that that is your preference. You will then receive a follow-up phone call three days after your appointment to make sure everything was satisfactory, and to verify you have no need for further repairs.


What goes into the cost of each appointment? What do your fees cover?

  • Flat service call fee
  • Estimated labor to complete
  • Any parts necessary to complete the repair or maintenance

Each appointment has a flat service call fee that includes the trip and diagnosis. Your technician will provide an estimate for the repairs before any work is performed. This quote is based on an hourly rate, though for more time and labor-intensive repairs—i.e. all sealed system or oven liner (cavity) replacements and conversions—we charge a flat rate for the project.


What is the warranty on Box Appliance’s parts and labor?

  1. One-year parts warranty
  2. 60-day labor warranty

We also provide a 30-day guarantee on our service call fee, so you pay our flat fee only once, even if your appliance service requires multiple trips.

Note: If your appliance was repaired under the manufacturer warranty, then that warranty will continue to cover any additional parts and labor for its duration. Please consult subzero-wolf.com to find your appliance’s warranty policy.