A Mother’s Day Gift She’ll REALLY Love!

ASKO washer and dryer in a laundry room

Mother’s day is nearly here, and you may be wondering what gift would please Mom on her special day. Flowers? No, you bought her a pretty bouquet last year. Brunch? You do that just about every Sunday already. Maybe a book, then. Good choice, but she’s so busy with work and home she doesn’t have much time to read. Hmm…

Here’s an idea: how about a gift she can really use and is just about guaranteed to appreciate — a little help with some of those never-ending household chores —for starters, how about laundry.

Wait, don’t click away just yet! Doing laundry isn’t the drudgery it was in your grandmother’s day. Today’s high-end laundry appliances, like the ASKO washer and dryer you may have in your home, make laundry day a breeze.

With its advanced electronic controls, your ASKO will guide you flawlessly through the water temperature and load selection process, but even ASKO washers require a little assistance from you to do their job properly. Here are a few tips to make the job easier for both you and your washer:

  • First, sort the laundry into types — this is a necessary step that can prevent unpleasant surprises like running colors and shrunken “delicates.” You probably already know that white or light-colored clothes should be separated from dark ones. This will prevent color transfer from the darker ones. You may not know, though, that heavy fabrics like jeans and towels should be separated from finer fabrics like T-shirts and light cottons. The heavier fabric can cause premature wear or even tear the more delicate pieces.
  • You’ll want to wash bed linens separately from other clothes to avoid tangling with smaller items during washing, but be careful not to overload the washer compartment so the linens will be thoroughly exposed to detergent and rinse water.
  • (And speaking of delicates, ask Mom before running a load of her lingerie, pantyhose, silks, and other finery. While ASKO washers are designed to clean these items safely, many people still prefer to hand-wash their special favorites.)
  • If you’re not a regular doer-of-laundry, you may feel uncertain about some of the more esoteric parts of laundry management, like when to add bleach or stain remover. Not to worry, ASKO’s fine-tuned water temperature control eliminates the need for bleach or other chemicals that could harm the environment or your clothes.
  • When washing is done, your ASKO dryer steps in with eight convenient, energy-saving drying settings that adjust to the size of the load and desired dryness. All you have to do is fold the items when dry.
  • Ideally, empty the dryer as soon as the cycle ends to avoid setting in wrinkles. Hand-smooth items like jeans and fold lengthwise into quarters. Match socks and tuck together, one inside the other. Place items to be ironed on hangers to relax wrinkles and make ironing easier; even no-iron items will benefit from prompt hand-smoothing and hanging.
  • Flat sheets and pillowcases are easy to manage, but folding a fitted sheet into a smooth package can be a recipe for frustration. We’ll let homemaking maven Martha Stewart spell out the finer points of fitted-sheet folding here, and if you’re a visual learner, watch the video at the bottom of her article.
  • If you’re more mechanically than domestically inclined, you can serve as the household Maintenance Monitor, making sure your ASKO laundry system is operating at peak efficiency at all times and has regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. (And when it’s time for maintenance, Box Appliance is at your service.)

That’s all there is to it! Make up a nice card or “gift certificate” to present to Mom on Mother’s Day and see how delighted she’ll be for this most practical, thoughtful gift that shows your love and appreciation in a very special way. You may even find yourself offering laundry service again and again throughout the year!