Box Appliance Maintenance Checklist. Give the gift of TLC

Wolf, ASKO, and Sub-Zero kitchen after preparing holiday meals

Whew. The holidays, with their seemingly nonstop cooking, cooling, and cleaning demands, are over at last. Now it’s almost time you can relax for a change — and so can your Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Cove appliances that soldiered on so flawlessly through the busy California holiday season.

But before you relax too completely, how about giving those loyal appliances the gift of a little TLC to make sure they remain trouble-free through the winter and into next spring and summer. Here’s a little maintenance checklist to get you started:

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

√ – Clean the exterior and interior of your refrigerator. On the exterior, use a stainless steel cleaner or the Box Appliance all-around favorite, Lemon Pledge. On the interior, wipe up any spills with a soft cloth and mild detergent like Ivory Liquid or Dawn. And don’t forget to look waaay in the back for any forgotten leftovers that may have been overlooked. For more cleaning tips, check our blog post on best cleaning practices.

√ – While you’re cleaning the fridge, this is a good time to check the water and air filters. The extra opening and closing during the holidays might have caused buildup of debris and clogged the filter pores, which can lead to off taste in ice-water and cubes and odors in the cooling compartment. Check your model’s Use & Care Guide for locations and instructions.

To purchase replacement filters and cleaning supplies, visit Sub-Zero and Wolf’s official store.

Wolf Range and Oven

√ – All that holiday feast preparation probably left a few crumbs and spills that weren’t thoroughly cleaned up in the rush. Now’s a good time to deep clean around the burners, taking care to keep cleaning products away from the igniter mechanism.

√ – Also check each burner to make sure they light evenly all around. If they don’t, they may have become clogged with grease or debris. No surprise, we’ve previously written about cleaning the gas rings.

√ – Before using the Wolf oven’s self-cleaning feature, use a vacuum hose or handheld picker-upper like a Dust Buster to remove loose crumbs and other debris from the oven floor. Then follow the tips in our detailed blog post about cleaning your Wolf oven.

Cove Dishwasher

√ – From time to time — not just after the holidays — it’s a good idea to check the filters in your Cove dishwashers. Every week or so, after completing a cycle and removing the contents, slide out the bottom rack and inspect the lower spray arm for any accumulated debris.

√ – While you’re in inspection mode, also remove and clean the coarse filter located below the lower spray arm. Debris that is allowed to remain in the filter will impede flow past the drain pump and can cause a musty odor or mildew in the unit.

√ – The fine filter, located below the coarse filter, usually self-cleans during each wash cycle, but you should inspect it a couple of times a year (now is a good time to get in the habit) and replace it as necessary.

And of course, if any of your Sub-Zero, Wolf, or Cove appliances need maintenance or repair all of us at Box Appliance are here to help.