Laundry Tips from the Pros (AKA moms) — How to Get the Most from Your ASKO Laundry System

ASKO Washer and Dryer - Laundry Tips

You may know that in April of this year, Sub-Zero and Wolf became the sole North American distributor of ASKO laundry products. With your ASKO washer and dryer, you can be sure your clothes, linens, and bath products receive gentle handling with deep cleaning like you’ve never experienced before.

But even ASKO washers and dryers benefit from the laundry-doing acumen of people who are true experts in home laundry: moms. Here are a few mom tips to help your ASKO products deliver the goods:

  • “Always clasp delicates and make sure to hang them to dry.” – Jennifer

ASKO recommends the wool / hand wash program for delicate undergarments. Plus, ASKO recommends air-drying garments with elastic or other heat-sensitive materials because even the best dryer isn’t suitable for all fabrics. Follow the washing instructions on the garment tag.

  • “Designate one day to do laundry so it doesn’t pile up and take up all your time. It is easier to separate and wash like items without feeling like you’re doing laundry every day.” – Terri

A handy ASKO feature is an accessory sorting shelf that is fits between washer and dryer to help you sort your laundry loads.

  • “Always use cold water. It saves money, and hot water is not always necessary to get stains out!” – Karin

But if you have an unusually hard-to-clean item like a rug or pet bed that demands hot water, ASKO washing machine programs are set at predetermined temperatures that can be adjusted to your specific purpose.

  • “I love OxiClean laundry stain remover for tough stains. I also am a fan of letting items soak in the water if they have stains or are just super dirty (like white soccer uniforms). I start the washer, put the super dirty items in, stop the washer before the actual cleaning cycle starts and let them soak for twenty minutes or so. I then add the other wash and start the cycle.” – Katie

The ASKO washing machine offers convenient prewash and heavy soiling settings that give you the control you need. And check out this handy stain-removal guide for hard-to-remove soiling on a variety of fabrics:

  • “I add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of distilled white vinegar to my wash to get clothes brighter and take out the sweaty smell from synthetic-fabric athletic clothes. There are so many reasons to use vinegar in laundry!” – Annie

Add vinegar or liquid fabric softener directly into the ASKO washing compartment. And for best results, don’t overfill the washing compartment.

  • “Pour detergent in while the water fills up to dilute it and create suds. It prevents the detergent from staining garments.” – Randall (Not a mom, but no stranger to the laundry room)

ASKO washing machines use very little water, so you may need to reduce the amount of detergent you use. Also be sure your detergent is recommended for front-loading machines.

When your ASKO washer or dryer needs servicing or repair, Box Appliance technicians are ASKO factory certified to handle your every service need.

Ask your Box Appliance technician for his favorite kitchen and laundry tips!