Introducing Cove Dishwashers

You may have noticed that Box Appliance has begun servicing a new brand, Cove dishwashers. The brand, rolled out by the Sub-Zero Group after years of research and testing, completes their suite of luxury kitchen appliances, and we are excited to work on these quality dishwashers.

So what can you expect from these new dishwashers? Are they worthy of being paired with your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances?

Well, we’ve seen these dishwashers up close and personal and, put simply, they are amazing. So yes, they are worthy of becoming a part of your kitchen.

4 Reasons to Buy a Cove Dishwasher

For decades, Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have been distinguished by four characteristics:

  1. Premium performance in the kitchen
  2. Innovative advancements in appliance technology
  3. The standard for high-end kitchen design
  4. Industry-leading reliability, warranty and service support

Unsurprisingly, Cove dishwashers are held to the same standards as their older siblings. This is why Cove dishwashers spent so many years in R&D: Sub-Zero and Wolf not only wanted to get Cove right, they wanted to surpass even their customers’ wildest expectations.

By that measure, they’ve delivered.

Premium Performance in the Kitchen

Cove dishwashers are designed to excel in every manner in which customers want their dishwashers to perform.

  • Completely flexible interiors—adjustable tines, rack heights and angles, plus a cutlery rack—ensure that every dish, utensil, and pan will fit easily.
  • Three separate spray arms with strategically placed nozzles ensure water and detergent hit all dishes equally, ensuring spotlessly clean dishes with every load.
  • Near-silent operation (so silent our techs have to touch them to determine whether they’re running).

Innovative Advancements in Appliance Technology

If all dishes—from plastic Tupperware to heavy-duty pans—required identical treatment to be washed and dried, building a dishwasher would be easy. As we all know, that couldn’t be further from reality.

To help make sure every dish emerges clean and dry, Cove dishwashers come pre-programmed with a plethora of wash and dry modes. And, as one of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove’s connected appliances, Cove dishwashers connect to the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App to allow you to select and start your cycles remotely.

The Standard for High-End Kitchen Design

The base design of Cove dishwashers is beautiful, with its flawless stainless steel exterior, hidden controls and LED-lit interiors. But the real design magic happens thanks to Cove’s flexibility. Use custom handles and custom cabinetry to match or accentuate the style of your kitchen.

Industry-Leading Reliability, Warranty and Service Support

Cove dishwashers were designed and stress-tested to endure over twenty years of daily use. The Sub-Zero Group is so confident in the quality of this new dishwasher that they have backed it with a five-year warranty, the strongest in the industry.

And of course, when it comes to Cove dishwasher repair, customers can expect high-quality Factory Certified Service from trained experts like Box Appliance.

So do yourself, your family and your kitchen a favor and go check out the Cove dishwasher at your nearest Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove showroom.