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Troubleshooting your Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Kitchen Appliances

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances are known for their impeccable performance (hence, why they boast a 20 year lifespan on average). So if there’s ever something off with one, it’s obvious When the issue makes the appliance non-functional, the solution is easy: you contact your local Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Factory Certified Service. But when… Read more »

Wolf range burner not igniting? How to troubleshoot and clean.

Though among the most trouble-free appliances, once in a great while, you may find that your Wolf range burner is not igniting. You’ll want to run a few troubleshooting checks to see if you can correct the problem yourself. Electrical Check Check #1: Is the control display on the front panel of your Wolf range… Read more »

Wolf Oven Fan Not Turning Off

The fan on my Wolf oven makes noise even after I turn it off. Is this normal? Wolf’s electronic ovens and ranges use cooling fans to assure the components are protected from high temperatures. It is common for these fans to continue operating even after you have turned off the appliance. The fan will turn off… Read more »

Wolf Sparking Even After Igniting

My Wolf gas cooktop sparks even after it lights. Is something wrong? Most modern gas cooktops use electronic ignition to light the gas. This ignition system provides a spark until the flame appears, then automatically shuts off. If the burner cap is out of position, sparking may continue after the flame appears. If the flame is… Read more »

Wolf Grill Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Why is my Wolf grill not lighting completely? Wolf grills & BBQs require regular maintenance to prevent many factors that could cause the grill not to light immediately and completely. If you smell gas, turn it off and either refer to your user manual or contact us for service. Over time, burner ports become clogged and… Read more »

Your Complete Guide to the Wolf Cooking Modes

Wolf Oven Cooking Modes

Wolf appliances are all about the results. With precise heating and temperature control, your dish will come out looking and tasting just like the picture in your recipe book.

Box Appliance Maintenance Checklist. Give the gift of TLC

Wolf, ASKO, and Sub-Zero kitchen after preparing holiday meals

Whew. The holidays, with their seemingly nonstop cooking, cooling, and cleaning demands, are over at last. Now it’s almost time you can relax for a change — and so can your Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Cove appliances that soldiered on so flawlessly through the busy California holiday season. But before you relax too completely, how about… Read more »