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Just how efficient are high-efficiency ASKO washing machines? [Infographic]

The effort by Californians to reduce water consumption during this infernal drought has been nothing short of extraordinary. Although Governor Brown’s water conservation mandate of 25% may have seemed impossible when it took effect, we have actually reduced water use by 26.3% in the six months since. But don’t pop the champagne bottles, we’re nowhere… Read more »

Box Appliance Maintenance Checklist. Give the gift of TLC

Wolf, ASKO, and Sub-Zero kitchen after preparing holiday meals

Whew. The holidays, with their seemingly nonstop cooking, cooling, and cleaning demands, are over at last. Now it’s almost time you can relax for a change — and so can your Wolf, Sub-Zero, and ASKO appliances that soldiered on so flawlessly through the busy California holiday season. But before you relax too completely, how about… Read more »

ASKO washer & dryer: The best detergents & dryer sheets

Woman using an ASKO washer and Dryer in a white room

One of the most common questions our Box Appliance customers who are new owners of ASKO laundry products is, “What is the best detergent to use in my washer?” That’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked. But before we answer that, let us tell you what detergent NOT to use in your ASKO.… Read more »

Tines Up or Tines Down? ASKO Sets the Record Straight

Properly Load Asko Dishwasher

How to properly load your dishwasher Everyone has their own unique way of loading a dishwasher. Whether you are the Tetris player, the sporadic loader or the meticulous organizer, nobody can mess with your system. Loading a dishwasher can be a sensitive subject in any household, in fact, a years-old controversy exists that everyone seems… Read more »