How California’s Record-Breaking Winter Heat May Have Affected Your Sub-Zero

Sub-zero refrigerator in a bay side kitchen

Unless you spent most of the winter basking in breezy tropical climes, you probably noticed that California has had a second-in-a-row record-breaking warm winter — not just in the south, but also in San Francisco and throughout Northern California. As pleasant as that may be for sunbathers and sports enthusiasts, that balmy, dry winter weather has taken its toll on your Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Over the winter you may have noticed your refrigerator running more often and for longer periods of time. For that you can blame the weather: the unusually dry San Francisco winter, coupled with frequent high winds, produced a lot of dust that may have been pulled into your house, even if you kept your windows closed. That dust and heat combined to clog your Sub-Zero’s condenser, causing it to work harder to filter the air and maintain proper temperatures. A dirty condenser affects the cooling functions, leading to warm temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, and that may even cause condensation or frost buildup.

At Box Appliance we recommend semiannual condenser cleanings to keep your Sub-Zero in tip-top shape, and that’s even more important when the weather provides seemingly endless challenges to your appliance’s performance. And with another blistering summer on the horizon, it’s essential to have that preventive maintenance performed as soon as possible for the life of your appliance. Call us today at 1-888-782-9653 to set up an appointment.