ASKO washer & dryer: The best detergents & dryer sheets

Woman using an ASKO washer and Dryer in a white room

One of the most common questions our Box Appliance customers who are new owners of ASKO laundry products is, “What is the best detergent to use in my washer?”

That’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked. But before we answer that, let us tell you what detergent NOT to use in your ASKO.

Your ASKO is an HE  — high efficiency — washer, which means it is designed to use minimal water and detergent while cleaning each load gently and efficiently. But high efficiency means just that: for maximum efficiency you should use ONLY HE-rated laundry detergent. Regular powder detergent will produce too much suds that result in poor cleaning and rinsing and could harm your washer with repeated use.

Plus, with powder detergent you may find yourself with a flood in your laundry room because the machine isn’t designed to handle the suds volume.

Even worse, using non-HE detergent may void your warranty, so beware!

So first and foremost, look for an HE branded detergent and use only as directed on the container.

Which one to use? Laundry detergents come in many “flavors,” and the choice pretty much depends on your preference. If you already have a favorite brand, it will almost certainly offer an HE version. If you go with the leading brands — Tide, Gain, Cheer, Sun, Seventh Generation, and the like — you’ll be in good shape. Store brands may offer equivalent products at a lower price — but be sure they’re marked for high efficiency washers.

Once you’ve selected the brand, look for the formulation you prefer. Again, never use powder detergents. From there, you can choose liquid concentrates or single-load pods. Liquids can be messy, and the containers can be cumbersome (and heavy), whereas pods can just be tossed into the machine to do their magic. Liquids cost less per load than pods, so you have to decide for yourself the tradeoff between cost and convenience.

Along with detergent recommendations, we’re often asked what dryer sheet to use in an ASKO dryer. That one’s easy: NONE!

Dryer sheets and other fabric softening products can damage the unit and clog the lint filter, and ASKO specifically recommends against using commercial softening products.

These are just a few suggestions to make your laundry days easier. But when your ASKO washer or dryer needs service, we hope you’ll call Box Appliance.