Troubleshooting Tip: What to check when your Wolf range burner won’t ignite

With your Wolf gas range, you’re naturally accustomed to trouble-free operation day in and day out.

But once in a great while, you may find a burner won’t light. That doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you’ll want to run a few troubleshooting checks to see if you can correct the problem yourself or whether it’s time to call the Wolf appliance experts at a Box Appliance location in the San Diego or San Francisco Bay areas.

The first thing to do is look at the control display on the range front panel. If the display is not illuminated, the problem is probably not the burner at all but rather the electrical connection to the entire appliance. Check the household circuit breaker panel to see if something like an overload or electrical failure has cut off the power to the range (the range and oven will usually have its own dedicated circuit). Try to reset the circuit manually, and if that still doesn’t work, the problem is in your house’s electrical system and you should call an electrician.

If the circuit is still working and the range display is lighted, the problem is probably with the burner. A common cause of failure to light is moisture in the igniter mechanism. Moisture will prevent the igniter from creating a spark, and the gas will fail to ignite. If that happens, give the igniter a few minutes to dry out and try again. (And avoid spraying cleaning products on the igniter to avoid this problem in the future!)

If the burner holes are clogged with spills or grease, gas can’t flow evenly, preventing even lighting all around the burner. Cleaning the gas rings may solve the problem and allow the burner to light properly. Here are Wolf’s recommended steps for cleaning the surface burner caps and rings:

  • Allow burner base and cap to cool.
  • Dampen a soft cloth with mild detergent or spray degreaser to clean.
  • Do not get the igniter wet, or spray cleaner into the burner ring.
  • Spray cleaner into the cloth.
  • Rinse with clear water and towel dry.
  • Blow out the holes to remove excess detergent or degreaser.
  • Clean burner port holes with a dry toothbrush or use a toothpick or paper clip to remove debris (Wolf does not recommend using the dishwasher to clean burner rings and caps).
  • The surface burner rings and caps have a painted enamel surface.
  • Spilling on these components while hot can permanently stain or discolor the finish. This is normal.

If after running all the above troubleshooting steps your burner still doesn’t light, call Box Appliance and our trained service representatives will be happy to answer your questions and if necessary set up a service call by one of our trained Wolf repair and service experts.