Troubleshooting Tip: What to check when your Sub-Zero stops making ice

Imagine you’ve just come in from a long run or an afternoon of golf or tennis with your friends and you’re really thirsting for a tall, icy glass of water. You can almost hear the ice clinking in that glass.

So you eagerly position your glass under your Sub-Zero refrigerator’s ice dispenser and . . . nothing happens.
Don’t panic. The problem with your ice maker may be something you can easily correct yourself before calling us at Box Appliance for a service call.

First, check the water filter. If it’s been a while since you changed the filter, the mesh may have become clogged with mineral deposits, blocking the water flow through the unit. Your Use & Care manual will have instructions on how to change the filter; you’ll want to do that every six or 12 months for best results.

Make sure the ice maker arm is in the down position. If it’s up, shut off the freezer and gently push the arm down. Then restart the unit. If the arm has become disconnected, it may have to be reinstalled or replaced if broken.

Perhaps the water supply has been obstructed by a kink in the water line or an inadvertent separation of the water line connection. (The latter will probably be signaled by a water leak on the kitchen floor.)

Low water pressure can allow the water in the fill tube to freeze, preventing flow to the ice maker. If that happens, you can use a hair dryer on low speed to melt the obstruction. When using a hair dryer, be sure to move the dryer back and forth to avoid melting the plastic piping.

If you’ve removed the ice bucket, be sure it was replaced correctly to assure complete contact with the electronic switches behind the basket.

Sometimes ice cubes will stick together if the freezer door has been opened repeatedly in a warm kitchen, obstructing the ice’s exit from the ice maker. Grab that hair dryer again, set it on low, and pass the warm over the clumped ice until the pieces separate easily. After freeing obstructions, turn the unit off and then on again to reset.

If none of those ideas puts the ice in your ice water, give your Sub-Zero premier partners at Box Appliance a call at 888.782.9653 – for all Southern and Northern California locations. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to help you solve the problem and set up a service call at a time that works for you.